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Shenzhen Yihuaxing Technology Co., Ltd. is a new fireproof material high-tech enterprise dedicated to fire source safety protection raw materials and scene application, research and development, production and sales. The company was established in 2013, and its headquarters and marketing center are located in Building 11, Tianan Yungu Phase II, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen. After 10 years of development and growth, the second largest business unit (safety protection) has been derived as an important breakthrough to assist the company's transformation into a group! The company is mainly engaged in the scene application and improvement of fireproof storage products, involving home furnishing, office, 3C supporting, personal protection and outdoor safety and other fields. After eight years of exploration and development, an online and offline multi-platform sales network has been formed. The products serve dozens of countries and many fields around the world, and a series of safety application products centered on new fire protection materials have been formed. The company has been focusing on product quality, relying on its own unique advantages and domestic and foreign markets, innovating and forging ahead, scientifically and rationally operating, striving to improve 说core competitiveness, and gradually develop steadily.


We Support OEM/ODM from product design toproduction. We could provide service fromquality control, packaging, logistics to photo and video shooting.

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