The Best Fireproof Document Bags of 2023

June 16, 2023

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Fireproof Document Bag

A fireproof document bag should be thought of as “fire-resistant” rather than fireproof, as this type of protective bag can and will fail to protect its contents from a raging fire. Instead, it offers a modicum of security against intense heat if a fire breaks out and the document bag is nearby.

Most fireproof document bags are made from silicone-treated fiberglass, and the better ones come with two or more layers of treated fiberglass for added heat protection. Some also feature aluminum foil liners. If the bag is amid flames, don’t expect the contents to escape unscathed. If you want absolute fire protection, consider a fireproof safe that’s rated to withstand flames for 1 or 2 hours.

Fire-Resistance Rating

No federal regulations exist for testing fireproof document bags, but manufacturers use materials known to be resistant to fires in making their bags. To determine the level of fireproof protection, look for the maximum amount of heat the bag can withstand, typically between 1,000 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some bags bear a rating of “UL 94,” which means Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety certification company, has tested and approved the materials for resisting fire and melting. Still, not all bags will have this rating, and the rating is not an assurance of absolute fireproof protection.

Size and Compartments

Fireproof document bags range in size from envelope-size bags with a single compartment to larger, briefcase-size bags with multiple zipped compartments or pockets for keeping papers organized. Additionally, some fireproof document bags sell in sets, with a smaller bag you can tuck inside a larger one for additional protection.

Water and Heat Resistance

Most manufacturers also advertise their fireproof bags as waterproof or water-resistant, which is important for two reasons. First, a tight seal is required to keep intense heat out of the bag, and that seal will often keep water out as well. More importantly, though, if the bag is in a burning house or the trunk of a car that’s in flames, the fire is likely to be doused with a water hose, so it’s nice to have a level of water protection for the stored documents in the bag.

Lockability and Closure Style

Fireproof document bags typically close with either a zipper made from fire-resistant materials or come with a snug-fitting, Velcro-type closure. Some models come with more than one type of closure, such as an interior zipper and an additional Velcro-type closure, increasing the bag’s fire resistance.

Items Being Stored

Typical items stored in a fireproof document bag include property records, birth certificates, paper money, passports, and notes with written passwords to online accounts. Some bags are large enough to add other valuables, such as jewelry, antique photographs, or even digital thumb drives.